recent projects


12South Townhomes, Nashville, TN


The 12South Townhome Development is a 7 unit townhome development proposal in the hip second ring suburb of 12th Avenue South. The recent surge in demand for housing has put a stain on the supply of predominetly ...[READ MORE]

28KW Solar Installation, Ducktown, TN


The City of Ducktown anticipated developing a 28KW Solar Farm through various funding sources that included EECBG funding. However, the 28KW full funding became unavailable during the final design phase. ather than give up on their goal ...[READ MORE]

Corridor Redevelopment Plan, Monteagle, TN


The City of Monteagle, Tennessee Base Plan is an ongoing multi-year planning effort to invigorate and focus private and public investment along Highway 41. The corridor plan component of the base plan evaluates the U.S. Highway ...[READ MORE]

Cottage Cove, Nashville, TN


The 10th Avenue Mixed Use project is located within the Green Hills/ Midtown Community, and is just inside the boundaries of I-440, also known as the Outer Loop. It is approximately 2.5 miles to downtown Nashville, ...[READ MORE]

Downtown Redevelopment Plan, Hackleburg, AL


The Hackleburg Recovery Committee Workshop gave the citizens of Hackleburg the opportunity to re-vision the Hackleburg Business District. Farmer-Morgan provided the Town of Hackleburg with a redevelopment design to assist in these efforts. The success of the ...[READ MORE]

Downtown Redevelopment, Pikeville, TN


The City of Pikeville is a community where natural resources and small town character define the way of life.  Situated as the northern most community in the Sequatchie Valley located in southeastern Tennessee, Pikeville is forty-five minutes ...[READ MORE]

Dunlap Greenways Project, Dunlap, TN


The city is located near the center of Sequatchie Valley, a long and narrow valley stretching like a 65-mile (105 km) gash in the Cumberland Plateau in southeastern Tennessee and northeastern Alabama. The plateau's western Sequatchie Valley ...[READ MORE]

H2O Waterfront District Park Master Plan Nashville TN


The H2O Waterfront District was named by Green Builder Magazine as one of the top eight most sustainable projects in the country. With Farmer|Morgan serving as the lead landscape architect, H2O embraces both LEED Neighborhood Design, ...[READ MORE]

Kulback Courtyard, Rosemary Beach, FL


Rosemary Beach is a new urbanist community located along the gulf coast of Florida. This courtyard has been programmed and designed to meet the entertainment needs of the client. The forecourt features a wall fountain, with antique ...[READ MORE]

Mountain Goat Trail, Monteagle, TN


The Mountain Goat Trail is a rail to trail community outdoor recreation project to convert an abandoned railroad right-of-way into a multi-use recreational corridor between Grundy and Franklin Counties on the Cumberland Plateau in Middle Tennessee. The ...[READ MORE]

Open Space Feasibility, Carmel, IN


A burgeoning city on the northern edge of Indianapolis, Carmel boasts the largest employment center in Indiana. Farmer|Morgan was hired by a local consultant to help organize the numerous open spaces within Carmel into an integrated ...[READ MORE]

Pacana District, Pflugerville, TX


Unique to the region, PACANA is designed as a high quality, compact, walkable, mixed use community with an emphasize on the creation of an interconnected system of public open space. The District is one of the most ...[READ MORE]

Phipps Cultural Park, Coalmont, TN


The Coalmont Coke Ovens are located west of Sweeton Hill Road in Coalmont. Built of brick and sandstone in 1904, the ovens are now partially overgrown with trees and brush. Unused since the mid 1940’s, the ...[READ MORE]

Pikeville Main Street Project, Pikeville, TN


The Pikeville Main Street Project began with the partnerships of the City of Pikeville, The Tennessee Valley Authority, Sequachee Valley Electrical Cooperative, and Bledsoe County Administrative Officials.  With the task set to evaluate the current condition of ...[READ MORE]

Pikeville Municipal Complex Feasibility, Pikeville, TN


The City of Pikeville is need of a new municipal complex to consolidate all municipal departments in a single structure. Current facilities lack adequete storage, organizational structure, and up-to-date filing systems. The study examined methods for securing ...[READ MORE]

Recreational Trail Head, Tracy City, TN


The Tracy City Trail Head is a proposed civic anchor for future redevelopment efforts within the Tracy City Business District. Farmer|Morgan was asked to provide redevelopment strategies for the Altamont Street and Railroad Avenue intersection. Currently ...[READ MORE]

Rock Bridge Canyon Equestrian Park, Hodges, AL


Resting within the southernmost hills of the Tennessee Valley, Hodges overlooks an attractive landscape of agriculture and woodlands.  The town of 261 residents is composed of 3.1 square miles, with a small business district.  Recreation and ...[READ MORE]

Selby Residence, South Main, CO


The Selby Residence is located in South Main, Colorado, a new urbanist community that connects to the Arkansas River. The courtyard design incorporates a main runnel that provides the primary armature for the design. Rain water is ...[READ MORE]

Stream Restoration, Town Creek, AL


The city of Town Creek, Alabama has identified the worthy goal of improving the community’s quality of life, while rehabilitating the environmental framework that allows their city to exist. All though this plan focuses on a ...[READ MORE]

Tucker + Wing Residence, Nashville, TN


The Tucker+Wing residence is located in Brentwood,TN and is adjacent to the horse farm. The clients were looking for a simple pool terrace and garden retreat. The schematic plan explores a system of terraces to ...[READ MORE]