28KW Solar Installation, Ducktown, TN

The City of Ducktown anticipated developing a 28KW Solar Farm through various funding sources that included EECBG funding. However, the 28KW full funding became unavailable during the final design phase. ather than give up on their goal of 28KW system the Mayor and municipal leadership evaluated with their consulting firm Farmer | Morgan, L.L.C. on how to maintain the scope of the project. The town determined that they could construct the system using municipal and local trades required for the job. In addition, Ducktown also developed the necessary skill set in house by sending one municipal employee to a solar training academy. This coupled with local skills and talent from the region the town installed the 28KW system themselves.

Location: Ducktown,TN
Population: 512
Size: 1 acre
Status: Completed
Type: Solar Installation
Year: 2011

Download Tear Sheet (PDF)
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