Corridor Redevelopment Plan, Monteagle, TN

The City of Monteagle, Tennessee Base Plan is an ongoing multi-year planning effort to invigorate and focus private and public investment along Highway 41. The corridor plan component of the base plan evaluates the U.S. Highway 41 Corridor Study Area. The Highway 41 Corridor Study Area is from interchange exit 134 to 135 along U.S. Highway 41. The corridor plan component has three primary elements. First is the evaluation of pedestrian and vehicular safety along the corridor. Second, the corridor study evaluates connectivity of public parks and recreation areas to civic buildings, neighborhoods and commercial venues.

Finally, the corridor plan is to identify physical infrastructure investment. This investment is to achieve the citizen envisioned goals and objectives for accomplishing overall safety, quality of life and increased revenues along the corridor. The planning process for this phase of the base plan consisted of a five day design charrette hosted by the City of Monteagle. The urban design team of Farmer Associates led the design workshops which identified the citizen vision for the study area. The important qualities identified for redevelopment consist of pedestrian spaces, city identity, a town center and connectivity to parks, schools and businesses.

Location: Pikeville, TN
Size: 1½ mile corridor
Status: Implementation
Type: Corridor Master Plan
Year: 2010

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