Downtown Redevelopment Plan, Hackleburg, AL

The Hackleburg Recovery Committee Workshop gave the citizens of Hackleburg the opportunity to re-vision the Hackleburg Business District. Farmer-Morgan provided the Town of Hackleburg with a redevelopment design to assist in these efforts. The success of the redevelopment design hinges on the community reconnecting to downtown. This connection should be made through placement of all construction back within the business district. The redevelopment proposal lays out how redevelopment can occur, as well as the need for a central public park. The park should act to ignite the rebirth of downtown. Many thanks go out to the FEMA Long Term Recovery Team, NACOLG, and the citizens of Hackleburg, AL. The future is yours!

Location: Hackleburg, AL
Population: 1,500
Size: 0.5 mile diameter
Status: Planning & Development
Type: Neighborhood Design and Planning
Year: 2011

Download Tear Sheet (PDF)
  • 01_Hackleburg_framework diagram
  • 02_Hackleburg_Vision Concept_with aerial
  • 03_Hackleburg_Vision Concept_no aerial
  • 04_Hackleburg_site plan
  • 05_Hackleburg_perspective_civic square
  • 06_Hackleburg_perspective_bank building