Phipps Cultural Park, Coalmont, TN

The Coalmont Coke Ovens are located west of Sweeton Hill Road in Coalmont. Built of brick and sandstone in 1904, the ovens are now partially overgrown with trees and brush. Unused since the mid 1940’s, the ovens have deteriorated, but overall retain most of their historical and architectural integrity.

The Lawrence P. Phipps Cultural Park consists of a series of trails, pedestrian bridges, and trail heads that embody the cultural history of the Coke Ovens. Its importance to the region is evident in the support the project has enjoyed since its inception. The design final is complete and the bidding process is underway. Construction is slated to begin in early January.

Location: Coalmont, Tennessee
Population: 950
Size: 9 acres
Status: Consrtuction Documents/Bidding
Type: Park Planning
Year: 2010

Download Tear Sheet (PDF)
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