Downtown Redevelopment, Pikeville, TN

The City of Pikeville is a community where natural resources and small town character define the way of life.  Situated as the northern most community in the Sequatchie Valley located in southeastern Tennessee, Pikeville is forty-five minutes from Chattanooga, 1.5 hours from Knoxville, and 2.5 hrs from Nashville.  Pikeville is a rural, peaceful refuge that draws visitors to its beautiful recreation areas and quaint downtown shopping district.  These same qualities attract new residents and help to retain existing residents.  The city’s proximity to neighboring communities, U.S. Highway 127 corridor, and the continued draw on the city’s natural resources suggest that Pikeville will continue to face growth pressure from regional urban centers.  Pikeville desires to maintain a rural community defined by its beautiful natural resources and small town character while fostering guided and controlled growth to increase the city’s revenue.

Utilizing the neighborhood as the basic building block of the city, the Design Team analyzed the site boundary to determine existing and potential centers for growth.  Over all land use strategies recommend a diverse mixture of housing, location of future civic structures, small scale neighborhood stores, and a public space within 1/8 mile from every resident.  Since completion of the plan, the City of Pikeville is in the process of securing funds for the development of a Municipal Structure, and discussing the redevelopment of a Brown Field site for retired living.

Location: Pikeville, Tennessee
Population: 1,800
Size: 1.5 square miles
Status: Planning & Development
Type: Land Use/ Open Space Master Plan
Year: 2010

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