Rock Bridge Canyon Equestrian Park, Hodges, AL

Resting within the southernmost hills of the Tennessee Valley, Hodges overlooks an attractive landscape of agriculture and woodlands.  The town of 261 residents is composed of 3.1 square miles, with a small business district.  Recreation and scenic sits abound in and around the town.  Bear Creek Reservoir is located just two miles to the north is composed of a “system of lakes and surrounding woodlands.  The reservoir is used for camping, fishing, boating and swimming.  Additionally, the beautiful Rock Bridge Canyon is just to the northwest of Hodges.

In March 2009, the Town of Hodges undertook an Economic Development Study that revealed a system of Equestrian trails could provide a catalyst for a local sustainable economy.  The Hodges Trail Head and Campground is Phase I of this process, and acts as the anchor point for trail activity and festivities taking place within downtown Hodges.  The trail head is located in the western corner of the HTH&C site, which is just north of downtown Hodges.

Location: Hodges, AL
Size: Approx. 11acres
Type: Master Plan- Design Development
Year: 2011

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