Stream Restoration, Town Creek, AL

The city of Town Creek, Alabama has identified the worthy goal of improving the community’s quality of life, while rehabilitating the environmental framework that allows their city to exist. All though this plan focuses on a small part of the environmental systems at work within the City of Town Creek, it does identify the methodology and practices to be used as citizens and leaders of the community continue to grow and prosper.

The purpose of the Stream Rehabilitation process is to provide a transect of stream issues and stakeholder goals and objectives that can be used to guide the decision making process. The stream rehabilitation plan should evolve over time as additional information is provided, as needed change and goals and objectives of the community evolve. A stream restoration plan centered on a stream analysis and community goals is a strong step toward implementation of a shared vision for Town Creek. Stream rehabilitation plans are not landscape architecture or engineering construction documents but act as a collective repository for the beliefs and values of the community of Town Creek. These values are a reflection of past events and future vision for redevelopment of Warren Branch and the Town Creek Downtown Business District.

Location: Town Creek, AL
Population: 3,000
Size: 3 miles
Status: Planning & Development
Type: Stream Restoration Plan
Year: 2010

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