Recreational Trail Head, Tracy City, TN

The Tracy City Trail Head is a proposed civic anchor for future redevelopment efforts within the Tracy City Business District. Farmer|Morgan was asked to provide redevelopment strategies for the Altamont Street and Railroad Avenue intersection. Currently Railroad Avenue intersects Altamont Street in an awkward fashion that underscores the importance of Railroad Avenue to the business district of Tracy City. Railroad Avenue was once the economic hub of the region with a large roundhouse and depot facility which served the regional economic engine of coal and coke production. Today, the city is struggling to reinvent itself into a new and prosperous center.

The proposed project establishes a civic park and pedestrian trail head for the future Mountain Goat Trail. The Mountain Goat Trail is a rails-to-trails style project and will connect four municipalities in Franklin and Grundy Counties. The Railroad Avenue intersection is designed to be the future trail head and jumping off station for the Tracy City Business District. Furthermore, the intersection will serve as the community center. The project contains amenities that include a public plaza anchored by a new civic park.

Location: Tracy City, Tennessee
Population: 1,600
Size: 10 acres
Status: Planning & Development
Type: Land Use/ Transporation Master Plan
Year: 2010

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