Services & Specialties



Farmer|Morgan provides a number of services for a variety project types. While the size of projects may vary, the design process we use does not. Below is an outline of the services we provide:

Urban Design and Neighborhood Planning

Farmer|Morgan works with clients and stakeholders to develop physical and programmatic frameworks for large, complex, urban infill projects. Typically, these projects evolve over a period of years, with the involvement of many stakeholders. Establishing a flexible framework allows for a direction and approach integrated across physical and administrative boundaries. Farmer|Morgan has implemented this strategy for many new urbanist mixed-use developments.

The planning process begins with the design team assisting the client to define their mission and goals. With those goals in mind, the process moves forward with in-depth inventory and analysis to the final strategic development plan, which includes the creation of schematic plans, diagrams, rendered images, and design plans for the construction of specific projects.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies determine the suitability of sites for a particular development program, or the suitability of various programs for a particular site. The process starts with site analysis, and identifying opportunities and constraints that guide the exploration of alternate conceptual designs. Issues of zoning, codes, building massing, structural capacity, parking, accessibility, storm water management, utilities, site features and planting are investigated. Budget planning and cost analysis help determine a preferred scheme from which implementation strategies and phasing can be decided. This work may be coordinated with market studies or other research to support the direction to proceed. Ultimately, the highest compatibility between a site and program is found, in concert with financial considerations.

Public Participation & Entitlement Services

Public involvement is a critical component in gaining community support for complex projects requiring a zone change. Farmer|Morgan combines a deep understanding of the entitlement, or zone change, process with over ten years experience in conducting community participation workshops. This experience has resulted in the successful entitlement of over 300 acres of property ranging from traditional neighborhood developments, to mixed use urban infill, to several cottage courtyard residential projects.

Trail Master Plans and Greenways

Trails and Greenways can serve as a vital component of a recreation system, connecting open space and natural resources with population centers and public facilities. Trails are also a key part of a sustainable philosophy of land management, to reduce traffic congestion, maximize mobility, and encourage healthy lifestyles within our communities.

From concept to construction and beyond, Farmer|Morgan has the capability to plan and design Trails and Greenways that fit properly into their environmental context. During the planning phase, we examine land use, identify right-of-way issues, identify feasible options, measure costs and benefits, and make sensible recommendations. We are equally comfortable with conceptual planning as with the technical details of construction, and can skillfully translate concepts into successful built projects.

Farmer|Morgan marries landscape architecture with the support of our environmental engineers, transportation engineers and planners that can be invaluable in developing a sophisticated trail plan. Farmer|Morgan can also assist trail owners with post-construction activities, such as planning for trail operations and maintenance.

Design Concept Development

Design Concept Development is the process of skillfully moving from the “Big Idea” to precise detailing. The concept, or design theme, creates the backbone of the design. The best and most meaning projects allow the design concept to guide all design decisions from site layout to final construction materials. This phase of the process often involves research, analysis, and the testing of ideas. Findings are studied in various scales and views, and reviewed with the client through drawings, precedent images, and material samples. Preliminary cost estimates are performed in tandem to ensure budget constraints are being met. Often times revisions are required based on the input from the clients, stake holders, and the consultants. The final product is a design development package that appropriately and effectively describes the project in its entirety.

Construction Documents and Bidding Assistance

Construction documents, including technical drawings and specifications, are prepared as part of the bid package for our clients. Typically, the drawings and specifications regarding site improvements include demolition, site protection of existing features, layout of proposed features, grading, materials, furnishings, planting and soils. Farmer|Morgan prepares the drawings in electronic format and coordinates these documents with those of the consultant team, resulting in a clear, precise bid package that is desirable for both the client and bidders. A final cost estimate is often performed prior to bidding for the most up-to-date analysis. During the bid process, Farmer|Morgan assists the client answering any bidders’ questions as well as reviewing and preparing contracts.

Construction Management

As a General Contractor/Construction Manager, Farmer|Morgan focuses on construction management (CM) and construction, engineering and inspection (CE&I). These efforts center around projects designed by the firm or the Farmer|Morgan Group. The Farmer|Morgan Group is a collaboration of various design trades assembled into a multidisciplinary team to undertake complex projects.

As General Contractor / Construction Manager the firm subcontracts various building components to local craftsman qualified in the required trades. Projects are often bid in this manner and then Farmer|Morgan oversees the overall project, bonding, insurance, etc. We work with the design team , the owner and local craftsman in preparing budget estimates and helping keep the project within budget. The firm then solicits numerous bids on the 40 to 50 bid elements and provides the owner with a guaranteed maximum price prior to construction. The subcontracts are with Farmer|Morgan; therefore, the designer and the owner have only one firm to look to.

Special Services

When off-the-shelf items, such as furnishings, are not appropriate for a unique project’s demands, Farmer|Morgan will design custom pieces. Similar to the larger design process, the custom design progresses from concept sketch through construction documents with the client’s input and approval. Farmer|Morgan works closely with local artisans and fabricators to ensure the highest degree of craftsmanship is reached with each design